• Do you only use natural fabrics? What is the difference between artificial and synthetic ones?

There are two types: natural and chemical. The former ones are made of animal- (wool, silk) or plant-based fibre (linen, cotton). Indeed, our clothes are made of natural fabrics. We want it to be a signature for Bedra Vintage.

The chemical fabrics can be artificial or synthetic. The former ones, such as acrylic or polyester are not used in making our dresses. Nor have we any plans for it in the future. However, they might be used as additives; for example, elastane, which makes clothes more comfortable to wear and makes them last longer.

Some of our dresses are made of artificial fabrics, i.e. those made from natural components (usually cellulose) in a chemical process. These are mainly the following: viscose, rayon, Tencel or modal. All these fabrics are very delicate and pleasant to touch. They are very hygroscopic and easily creased – which is typical of such fabrics. On the other hand, they are skin-friendly and work very well when worn, which is hugely beneficial.


  • Why do you use elastane?

It makes clothes very comfortable to wear. The fabric becomes more resilient, which ensures a close fit. It also makes fabrics such as cotton or silk last longer. The amounts of elastane in our products are minimal, so you can’t really tell the difference.


  • Do you clothes crease easily?

 All our clothes are made of natural fabrics (and artificial ones, such as viscose), which make them crease more. However, it all depends on the type of material and basis weight as well as the way you wear them. Clothes with elastane crease less, but this is not the only factor.


  • Do your clothes shrink in a wash?

We take extra care in ensuring quality of our fabrics. We only use well-known and established sources. All this helps ensure they are high temperatures resistant. However, it is possible that natural fabrics as well as artificial ones, such as viscose, may shrink a bit, but no more than 5%. Luckily, once ironed, they will regain their original size. Each garment has got a label with care instructions. If you follow them closely, you can be sure your dress will look like new after a wash. Additional information can be found in a tab called “care advice”. We strongly recommend following all the advice there to minimise risk of any sort of damage to your garment.


  • What size to choose? Should it closely follow the measurement table?

 Our measurement table mirrors the high street sizes. We pay special attention to the fact that most of our designs should be a close fit. We advise allowing extra two centimetres when choosing a dress or skirt. Natural fabrics do not stretch. A couple of extra centimetres will ensure comfort of wear. We recommend reading the descriptions carefully as each of them would have useful information regarding how stretchy or not the fabric is. This will help you decide on the right size.


  • What to do if I can’t find my size?

 Join the waiting list by clicking the button next to the dress you want to buy on our website. Once your size is back in stock, we will let you know straight away.

 Designs that have “sold out” next to them have been discontinued unless they have “back in stock soon” note.


  • Do you offer dresses made to measure?

 We do realise that our current sizing may not be suitable for everyone. We are planning on expanding the business by introducing more sizes as well as made to measure service in the future.


  • Do you offer alterations service?

 No, we don’t. Our only focus of the business is to design and make dresses.


  • I am not sure about size and/or cut. Who can help me?

Write to us at this address bedra.vintage.help@gmail.com. Alternatively contact us on our Facebook fan page or Instagram. We guarantee a quick response


  • What is the timescale? How long will I wait for my dress ?

    It takes up from 14 to 40 working days from receiving the funds to forward the package to the courier.

    Yes, It may seem such a long time to wait for a dress, but please bear in mind that the only mission of our brand is to make clothes to order. Each our special dress for each special client. As a result, we do not keep stock of dresses waiting to be dispatched as soon as the payment is received. This also helps us produce clothes with the greatest attention to detail.

     Good things are worth waiting for, aren’t they? :)

      An example order: 

    • Let’s say you buy a dress on Wednesday, the payment reaches our account on Thursday. Please bear in mind that if you make your payment on Friday, it won’t show on our account until Monday.
    • Once the payment has cleared, we start making your dress.
    • Our production line works on the “first come, first served” basis. What it means in practice is at the time you order your dress, we would have been working on previous orders. What it also means is that the waiting time may be much shorter. It just all depends on the number of dresses being made at one given time. But don’t worry! We work very hard to make sure your dress is ready for you as quickly as possible.
    • Next stage is the actual sewing. All its elements have been prepared: fabric chosen and cut, buttons, zips and anything else ready to be put together to make your perfect dress within a few days. All our dressmakers are very professional with a great attention to detail.
    • Lastly, your dress is ready for dispatch the very same day and is on its way to you.



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