Hello, I'm Camilla, a hopeless romantic and an old soul, enveloped in an aura of nostalgia and mystery.
As a painter, fashion and interior designer, I run the brand Bedra Vintage, a reflection of my greatest passion and style.
Once traversing the globe in search of inspiration and my own piece of paradise on Earth, which I found in the unparalleled Italian style and ambiance. Now settled in an idyllic Tuscan countryside, I create clothing for you imbued with the magical and ancient atmosphere that surrounds me every day. My designs are a reflection of a love for beauty that has stood the test of time and dreams that continue to inspire the search for the extraordinary in the everyday.
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In a time of dynamically changing trends and Fast Fashion, characterised by low quality, transience and repeatability, our designs hark back to the classic, timeless style of the beginning of the previous century.
In Bedra Vintage we are not revolutionising fashion, but we are inspired by the cuts and designs of past decades to create clothes that bring the past back to life and preserve the memory of fashion heritage. The context in which they occur is changing, but not the form.
The fashion industry is third in the world’s leading causes of pollution. Fabric manufacturing uses unimaginable amounts of water, energy, chemicals, and many other resources. The awareness of this issue is increasing, but still, most people do not know about it, or simply do not want to. We believe that knowledge is power. We believe that our actions and yours could have a huge impact on the environment and that thanks to more informed choices, we can truly make a difference. As a result, most of our fabrics have certificates such as Seri.co, GOTS and Oeko-Tex. Moreover, if they do not have a certificate, we instead try to choose only those whose origin we know.
Nowadays, clothes manufacturing is much bigger than demand. Bedra Vintage brand is based on the responsible use of all resources and not the storage of raw materials.
Each dress is custom-made. Only as many pieces come out of our sewing room as were ordered. Such actions reduce excessive working hours as well as the use of fabrics, which we never order in excess. We do not manufacture more than required, we do not store fabrics.
As a Bedra Vintage we have one great desire - we want every woman to feel unique wearing our dresses, so each model will always be sewn in a small, limited amount.
Bedra Vintage has a long story but we are still a young brand with and this is just the beginning of our journey. We know, however, that being a responsible brand is an action, so during our development, we will constantly pay attention to improving quality at all stages of manufacturing. Just as we will never stop striving to increase the variety of patterns and cuts, expand the size range, create clothes of a non-standard character — all to provide our beautiful clients with the greatest pleasure of having our clothes.  

Our brand is a combination of love, passion, history, and not-so-accidental meetings.

Ewa Maria Bedra started making clothes at the age of 14. She designed her first dress in 1941. Hundreds of great designs poured out of her hand.

Many years later, Kamila meets Adam (Bedra's grandson), with whom she begins to share her passion for history and art. They both become the perfect mix for creating a clothing brand. It turns out that Kamila’s grandmother, Irena, also a seamstress in her youth, knew Maria Bedra, and both women spent many years in the sewing room together working on fashion designs. 

77 years after the first design of E.M. Bedra, BEDRA VINTAGE was created in order to preserve the memory of both grandmothers,to commemorate their lives and artistic work. If there’s something you’d like to tell us, don’t hesitate and write to us: bedra.vintage@gmail.com