Anyone who already owns a Bedra Vintage dress knows what a great experience it is. Each client also got to know me personally in e-mail correspondence or messages on Instagram or Facebook. If you are looking for Bedra Vintage reviews, you will find some bellow:
Christina Wytchwood about her Wildflower dress: 
Emily Jackson about her Rosemary Dress: 
Amazing words from @LOLA_NORI_ . Her "Daisy Dress" is wonderful: 
Bedra Vintage review 1
@cyndel.sicard with our "By the Sea, Andalusia":
Bedra Vintage review 2
Beautiful email from Sabrina:
Bedra Vintage review 5
Ioana's words are a real treasure for me:
Bedra Vintage review 4
Unboxing and review by @lola_nori_
Bedra Vintage review 3
Christina @wytchwoodshop with her amazing "Wildflower Dress"
Bedra Vintage review 7
@magda.janeczka walking with her "Violet Dress"
Bedra Vintage reviews 8
@ludovica17  with her "By the Sea: Cote d'Azur"
@juliaingridjohansson in her "Wildflower"
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