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The timescale. 

    It usually takes up from 2 to 10 working days from receiving funds, sew the dress and handing over the dress to the courier.

    In case when the dress is sewn according to the customer's guidelines, it may take us up to about 3 weeks.

    If you have any questions about delivery or production time, you need a dress for a specific date, please feel free to contact us:


    Please note that all parcels sent to Australia by post have an extended delivery time. It may takes 2-4 months. We do our best but have no influence on the postal service. Please bear this in mind when placing your order. FedEx courier shipping is also available and takes approximately 3-5 days.


    🌼Bedra Vintage brand is based on the responsible use of all resources.
    The fashion industry is third in the world’s leading causes of pollution. Fabric manufacturing uses unimaginable amounts of water, energy, chemicals, and many other resources.
    In Bedra Vintage each dress is custom-made. Only as many pieces come out of our sewing room as were ordered. Such actions reduce excessive working hours as well as the use of fabrics, which we never order in excess.🌼

    This also helps us create clothes with the greatest attention to detail, because we simply love what we do and we are perfectionists in our work.

     Good SLOW FASHION things are worth waiting for, aren’t they? 


      An example order: 

    • Let’s say you buy a dress on Wednesday, the payment reaches our account on Thursday. Please bear in mind that if you make your payment on Friday, it won’t show on our account until Monday.
    • Once the payment has cleared, we start making your dress.
    • Our production line works on the “first come, first served” basis. What it means in practice is at the time you order your dress, we would have been working on previous orders. What it also means is that the waiting time may be much shorter. It just all depends on the number of dresses being made at one given time. But don’t worry! We work very hard to make sure your dress is ready for you as quickly as possible.
    • Next stage is the actual sewing. All its elements have been prepared: fabric chosen and cut, buttons, zips and anything else ready to be put together to make your perfect dress within a few days. All our dressmakers are very professional with a great attention to detail.
    • Lastly, your dress is ready for dispatch the very same day and is on its way to you.


    • Pre-orders allow little brands like ours to gauge the demand, eliminating overproduction and fabric waste.
    • When ordering in a pre-order, you benefit from a 30% discount from the basic price, which will apply after the end of the pre-order.
    • Pre-order items are not yet on a regular sale. During its duration, we collect orders, after the pre-order is finished, we prepare the coats for shipment and we ship all packages.
    • Current coat pre-order runs from October 24 to November 14. We ship the ordered coats up to one week after the end date.
    • Coats ordered in the preorder have free postage outside the EU and courier delivery in the EU.


    * Courier delivery within selected European countries is FREE  
    * Courier delivery to other countries : will be calculated at the check-out ( can be 16-40 or 80 eur)
    * Polish Post delivery to EU - US - AU - UK - CA - NZ is FREE

    Free shipping to countries outside of EU covers most of the countries to which we most often send parcels. If the delivery to your country is not free, please contact us.

    Delivery costs and time depends of the destination. This is calculated at the check-out and will vary. The courier service time within Europe is up to 2/7 business days. Other international delivery times my takes from 3-5 days ( courier delivery) and 14 to 30 days ( post delivery ) and up to 2 months to AU

    Due to the outbreak situation, shipping by both courier and Polish Post delivery may take a little bit longer, please keep this in mind. We do our best for you to get the dress as soon as possible, but we can't rush the shipping.... 

    If you have questions about shipping write to me: 

    The production process starts from the moment the funds have cleared.
    We accept the PayPal payments and Credit or Debit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Delta, Electron, Eurocard
    If you have any further questions, regarding delivery, please email us at: